Inghams Lake Garda Lakes and Mountains

Inghams Lakes and Mountains Holidays

Inghams Lakes & Mountains Holidays feature 12 resorts around Italy's most popular lakes. There is something for everyone as you can select a busy or quiet resort depending on what type of holiday you are looking for. For a more lively resort you could try Bardolino or Garda in the South East or Salò which has just a few hotels in comparison. Inghams offers a good range of hotels and self catering accommodation so you also have the option to choose from a wide range of accommodation choice as well as locations. Whilst in the Lake Garda area you will have a great range of optional excursions to choose from if you want. Due to it's location you are able to access the amazing city of Venice. While in Venice you can take a boat ride or simply find a cafe and watch the world go by. Or YOU could check out the amazing sites such as the Doge’s Palace or the Rialto. Other trips from Lake Garda include Verona which is the location of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet where you can explore the old Roman arena and the marble paved shopping street of Via Mazzini.

Inghams Lakes and Mountains Holidays feature the resorts of Bardolino, Desenzano, Garda,Gardone Riviera, Limone, Malcesine, Peschiera, Riva, Salo, Sirmione and Torri del Benaco

Here are a few of the possible holiday options we found in the Italian Lakes with Inghams Holidays (All offers are subject to availability)

AccommodationRegionBoard BasisMore Details
Adler Spa Resort DolomitiThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Aqualux Hotel Spa Suite & TermeLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Bagni di PisaTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Boutique Hotel PralongThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Cala Ponte HotelPuglia & BasilicataBed & Breakfastclick here
Canne Bianche_Lifestyle HotelPuglia & BasilicataBed & Breakfastclick here
Capo d'OrsoSardiniaHalf Boardclick here
Club Hotel Baja SardiniaSardiniaHalf Boardclick here
Grand Hotel BristolLake MaggioreBed & Breakfastclick here
Grand Hotel BristolLiguriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Grand Hotel CadenabbiaLake ComoHalf Boardclick here
Grand Hotel Forte dei MarmiTuscany & UmbriaHalf Boardclick here
Grand Hotel Francia & QuirinaleTuscany & UmbriaHalf Boardclick here
Grand Hotel GardoneLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Grand Hotel LibertyLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Grand Hotel MenaggioLake ComoHalf Boardclick here
Grand Hotel PlazaTuscany & UmbriaHalf Boardclick here
Grand Hotel PortovenereLiguriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Grand Hotel RoyalTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Grand Hotel VictoriaLake ComoBed & Breakfastclick here
Grand Hotel VittoriaTuscany & UmbriaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel AaritzThe DolomitesBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel AcquadolceLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel AdriaThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel AlexanderLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel all' AncoraLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel All'AzzurroLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel AlpinoLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Antico BorgoLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel AstoriaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel AstoriaLake MaggioreHalf Boardclick here
Hotel BazzoniLake ComoHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Bella PeschieraLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel BellavistaLake ComoBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Bellevue San LorenzoLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel BelvedereLake ComoBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel BisestiLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel BolognaLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Britannia ExcelsiorLake ComoAll Inclusiveclick here
Hotel Cala di FalcoSardiniaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel CapriLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel CatulloLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel CatulloLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel CentraleLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Cesa TyrolThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel ContinentalLiguriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel ContinentalThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Continental Thermae & SpaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel CristalloLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel CristalloThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Del LevantePuglia & BasilicataHalf Boardclick here
Hotel DolomitiThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Du LacLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Du LacLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Du Lac Et Du ParcLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Du ParcLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel DuomoLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel EdenLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel EdenLake MaggioreBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel EuropaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Europa SkyPool & PanoramaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Excelsior PalaceLiguriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Excelsior SplendideLake ComoHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Garda BellevueLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel GardenLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel IdealLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel il NegrescoTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel JolandaLiguriaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Kriss InternazionaleLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel La PalmaLake MaggioreHalf Boardclick here
Hotel La PerlaThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel La StuaThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel LennoLake ComoBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Lido - PassignanoTuscany & UmbriaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel MalcesineLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & SpaSardiniaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Masseria Chiancone TorricellaPuglia & BasilicataBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel MaximilianLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Mayer & SplendidLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel MeranerhofThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel MetropoleLake ComoBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel MezdiThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Mezzolago Half Boardclick here
Hotel Milan Au LacLake MaggioreHalf Boardclick here
Hotel MilanoLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel MiramareLiguriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Monte SaragoPuglia & BasilicataBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Morisco VillageSardiniaAll Inclusiveclick here
Hotel Olivi Thermae & Natural SpaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel OswaldThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Palazzo GuiscardoTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel PalmeLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel ParkLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Piccola VelaLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel PoianoLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Porto RocaCinque TerreBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel PresidentTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Prima LunaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Regina ElenaLiguriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Regina PalaceLake MaggioreHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Residence EsplanadeTuscany & UmbriaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel RodellaThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel RoyalLake MaggioreHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Royal VillageLake GardaFull Boardclick here
Hotel SalgartThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Salo Du ParcLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel San Luca PalaceTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel San PietroLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Santa CaterinaTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Hotel Savoy PalaceLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel SimplonLake MaggioreHalf Boardclick here
Hotel SirmioneLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Sole Relax & PanoramaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel SomontThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Villa DirceLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Villa MadrinaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Hotel Villa RosaLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Montepulciano Country ResortTuscany & UmbriaSelf Cateringclick here
Parc HotelLake GardaFull Boardclick here
Parc Hotel GrittiLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Park Hotel Casimiro VillageLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Park Hotel MignonThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Plaza e de RussieTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Poiano ApartmentsLake GardaSelf Cateringclick here
Residence San GregorioTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Resort & SPA Le DuneSardiniaHalf Boardclick here
Resort Valle dell'EricaSardiniaHalf Boardclick here
Risorgimento ResortPuglia & BasilicataBed & Breakfastclick here
Solho HotelLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
Sporthotel PanoramaThe DolomitesHalf Boardclick here
Tenuta CentoportePuglia & BasilicataBed & Breakfastclick here
Tenuta MonacellePuglia & BasilicataBed & Breakfastclick here
Trulli HousesPuglia & BasilicataBed & Breakfastclick here
Villa e Palazzo AmintaLake MaggioreHalf Boardclick here
Villa La Gardenia & OleandraLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Villasanpaolo Spa HotelTuscany & UmbriaBed & Breakfastclick here
Vision HotelLake GardaHalf Boardclick here
Wellness Hotel Casa BarcaLake GardaBed & Breakfastclick here
All offers are subject to availability – terms & conditions apply. For full details and to check live availability please visit the official Inghams Lakes website > click here